Is your insurance policy adapted to your business?

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26/02/2014 : Astuces ! Concept : une solution complète dédiée à l'immobilier


Associer un interlocuteur unique et trois expertises, c’est la formule originale développée par Astuces ! Concept, en partenariat avec Arcance, pour simplifier le quotidien des professionnels de l’immobilier. 


Regis de Joussineau
Managing Director
An optimized insurance management contributes widely to the profitability and continued existence of your company.

« Arcance is a broker dedicated to business; it devises with you an insurance policy with the best coverage/cost ratio.

This policy involves professional liability, cover of damage to physical assets and business premises, operating loss, cover for the managers.

Arcance also offers an outsourced management of your risks and claims. It will be handled by your dedicated Arcance advisors and their network of partners who are experts in business insurance.»